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Our Patriots

Revolutionary reenactors

The following names are an alphabetical list of the Revolutionary patriots who were the ancestors of our chapter members.

Please note that this list includes ONLY the names of patriots of Old Whitehouse-General Frelinghuysen-Colonel Lowrey Chapter members. For a complete list of Revolutionary patriots of all NSDAR members, please visit the genealogy resources page on the DAR website.

For additional information about researching a Revolutionary patriot or becoming a DAR member, please see our membership page.


Name Rank or Service State Served
Beavers, Joseph Colonel NJ
Bergen, John B. Private NJ
Bonnell, Abraham Lt. Colonel NJ
Boyd, Thomas Private NC
Browne, William Private NJ
Bray, Daniel Captain NJ
Carpenter, John Lieutenant / Physician PA
Carrington, George Colonel VA
Collings, Richard Sergeant NJ
Cram, Tristram Private NH
Crocker, James    
Demaray, David Lieutenant NJ
Denison, Christopher Colonel NY
Denny, Thomas
Attorney / Patriot  
Dolan, William   MA
Dumont, Peter Private NJ
Emery, John
Private PA
Emery, Peter Lieutenant NJ
Fairbank, Joseph   MA
Hall, Elisha    
Hesser, John
Hoffman, John Private NJ
Huntley, James Captain CT
Jones, Edward 2nd Lieutenant PA
King, John
Lieutenant NJ
King, Matthias Corporal PA
Leavitt, William
Private NH
Leibensperger, Jacob Lieutenant PA
Lewis, Samuel   NY
Lowe, Cornelius Private NJ
Mahoney, Stephen   MD
Martin, Stephen Private CT
McKinley, William   CT
McMillan, John    
Miner, Benjamin Captain NJ
Moore, Benjamin Private NJ
Moore, Matthias   NC
Munger, Timothy Captain CT
Nash, Jacob
Private MA
Neville, John General VA
Ott, Michael Corporal PA
Paulett, Thomas
Philhower, Philip Patriot NJ
Pickle, Baltis Patriot NJ
Quick, Joachim Ensign NJ
Ramsey, Joseph
Private NJ
Reeve, Isaac Captain NJ
Reynolds, Nathaniel Captain MA
Sage, Solomon
Captain CT
Sasser, Benjamin   NC
Shedd, Abel Patriot NH
Sheppard, Jonathan Private MD
Snell, Peter Private  
Stillwell, Richard
Captain NJ
Stockton, Robert Major NJ
Stryker, Isaac Private NJ
Sutphen, Guisbert Private NJ
Tarver, Absolom Private GA
Ten Eyck, Jacob
Captain NJ
Thompson, Timothy Sergeant MA
Tice, Jacob 1st Lieutenant NJ
VanDoren, Christianus Private NJ
VanDoren, Martha Lott Patriot NJ
Van Nuys, Jacobus
Private NJ
Verner, John Sr. Patriot SC
Van Vorhees, Garret Private NJ
Walker, James A. Captain MA
Westcott, Gardner Soldier RI
Wilson, Samuel
Wycoff, John Private NJ


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